“Every man's ability may be strengthened or increased by culture.”

John Abbot

Financial Literacy Speech Competitions NW 2018 for FSCA

The event for the Financial Sector Conduct Authority is planned to promote financial literacy in schools, promoting careers in the financial services industry, to encourage entrepreneurship, to intergrade theory and practise and to create awareness of consumer rights and available recourse systems. Marakanelo is the administrator of the event, providing guidelines prior to event, supporting judges, collating scores, timekeeping, distribution of goods and prizes, liaison with suppliers, décor, event elements, accommodation, transport, educator gifts etc. to ensure smooth running and management of the event.


Advocating and Coordinating for AAD YDP

We organize the attendance of pupils from several schools to attend the African Aerospace and Defence Youth Development Program (AAD YDP). The biggest (bi-annual) air show in South Africa at the Waterkloof Air Force Base, in Centurion. The 2020 airshow will see Marakanelo taking 100 schools over the 4 days of trade and educational visits.


Planned Annual Road Safety Initiative

This initiative will create awareness for safety on our townships roads and internal streets, and aim to construct speed humps for communities and establish play areas for children in an effort to move them away from busy streets.


Planned music festivals

Our own annual music festivals are part of our future plans. More info coming soon.


Tree Planting Initiatives

Tree planting initiatives in our mining towns, townships and schools, to continue the effort to plant more trees.

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